Congratulations on the purchase of your very own Zeitgeist AIR. You’ll find that the assembly of your meticulously-engineered electric bicycles straightforward and will take 30 minutes or less. Just grab a tool kit with an Allen Wrench, some WD40 and a cleaning cloth.

The assembly process consists of attaching the seat, front wheel, handlebar, and pedals. Anyone who follows these instructions can do it; however, if you have any issues don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance.

If you’re not entirely comfortable assembling the AIR by yourself, we recommend that you swing by any bike shop in your area, who should be able to complete the assembly for you in under one hour of labor or at a flat rate.

The salient advantage that Zeitgeist AIR has over most e-bikes on the market (that tend to have non-standard components) is that it’s built like a high-end, non-electric road bike and all major components are easy for any bike mechanic to work with, swap and replace. A major plus, when it comes to flat repair, tune-ups and regular maintenance.

We are excited to get you riding soon!